PM Modi’s Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 rescheduled — here’s the new date

The Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 will be held at the Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi like the previous two editions which were held in February 2018 and January 2019 Pariksha pe Charcha 2020: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s annual programme “Pariksha pe Charcha” where he interacts with a cross-section of students from Class IX to XII and teachers and talks about beating exam stress, has been postponed. The Pariksha pe Charcha 3.0 was scheduled to be held on January 16, however, it has now been shifted to January 20 due to Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Lohri and Onam festivals. The Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 will be held at the Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi like the previous two editions which were held in February 2018 and January 2019.
“PM Narendra Modi’s interaction programme ParikshaPeCharcha 2020…has been rescheduled to 20th January, 2020 at 11 a.m, on account of Pongal, Makar Sankranti, Lohri, Onam and other festivals across the country. The programme was earlier scheduled for 16th January, 2…

JEE Main 2020

JEE Main 2020: Over 1.97 lakh candidates had registered for the \Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main January 2020 paper II. Of them, a total, 1,38,409 candidates registered for B Arch and 59,003 for B.Planning. This year, the two exams were conducted separately. The BArch exams of mathematics and aptitude test were conducted in computer-based mode while the drawing test was held in pen and paper mode. For the B.Plan, all the three sections were held online — maths, aptitude test and planning

Based on the feedback of students who appeared for the JEE Main, the mathematics section was not only the most difficult amongst other sections but was also tougher than that of the previous years’. This year only two questions were asked in the drawing section as compared to three last year, as suggested by the candidates.

Atomic Physics

Atomic Physics is the sphere of physics that research atoms as an isolated device of electrons and an atomic nucleus. it's far in most cases worried with the association of electrons around the nucleus and the tactics by which those arrangements trade. this incorporates ions, impartial atoms and, unless in any other case stated,
nuclear physics is the sphere of physics that research atomic nuclei and their components and interactions. different styles of nuclear rely also are studied. nuclear physics ought to not be stressed with atomic physics, which studies the atom as a whole, which include its electrons.
The interdisciplinary discipline of materials technology, also typically termed materials technological know-how and engineering, is the design and discovery of new materials, particularly solids. the highbrow origins of materials science stem from the enlightenment, when researchers commenced to apply analytical thinking from chemistry, physics, and engineering to recognize anc…

Light wave and optics

In optics a ray is an idealized version of mild, acquired by way of selecting a line that is perpendicular to the wavefronts of the real light, and that points in the path of electricity float. Rays are used to model the propagation of light via an optical device, by using dividing the actual light discipline up into discrete rays that may be computationally propagated through the device by using the techniques of ray tracing. This allows even very complicated optical structures to be analyzed mathematically or simulated by using laptop
Wave–particle duality is the concept in quantum mechanics that every particle or quantum entity may be defined as both a particle or a wave. It expresses the lack of ability of the classical standards "particle" or "wave" to absolutely describe the behaviour of quantum-scale items. As Albert Einstein wrote

Even though the use of the wave-particle duality has labored well in physics, the which means or interpretation has not been satis…

Management Accounting

Management accounting or managerial accounting is concerned with the provisions and use of accounting records to managers within corporations, to offer them with the premise to make knowledgeable business choices so one can allow them to be better prepared in their management and control features.
In keeping with the chartered institute of management accountants (cima), control accounting is the process of identity, size, accumulation, evaluation, practise, interpretation and conversation of records used by management to plot, evaluate and manipulate inside an entity and to assure appropriate use of and responsibility for its resources. Management accounting also comprises the coaching of economic reports for non-management corporations which includes shareholders, lenders, regulatory businesses and tax authorities (cima authentic terminology)

Role within a organisation:- Consistent with different roles in latest corporation, control accountants have a dual reporting relationship. As…

Thermal Conduction

Thermal conduction is the transfer of heat inner electricity by microscopic collisions of particles and movement of electrons inside a frame. The microscopically colliding debris, that encompass molecules, atoms and electrons, switch disorganized microscopic kinetically and capability power, collectively known as inner electricity. 
Conduction takes location in all levels of which includes solids, liquids, gases and waves. The fee at which electricity is performed as heat betweenour bodies is a function of the temperature distinction temperature gradient among the 2 our bodies and the homes of the conductive via which the warmth is transferred.
Heat spontaneously flows from a hotter to a colder body.
 As an example, 
warmth is conducted from the hotplate of an electric powered range to the lowest of a saucepan in contact with it. Within the absence of an outside riding strength source to the contrary, inside a body or between bodies, temperature differences decay through the years, and th…


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