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online social networks

  Online social networks  When most people see this term social system, they automatically remember on-line social networks. This's because online social networks, also known as social-networking websites, have burst new in quality. Websites like MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn responsible for seven of the best 20 most visited network sites in this globe. For some users, particularly the fully wired income people, online social networks are not just a means to stay in touch, but the way of life. What some people do not realize, However, is that social networks did not usually take pictures of any sort. Saint Weinreich, the father of the early documented social networking website “Six degrees’s", established his organization in 1997, and subsequently sold it in 1999. It was clear that weinreich's genius thought fell only before its prime period. In the 2014 interview, Weinreich contemplates on his conclusion to be and gets fartherer deep of his thinking.  What people don&