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network effect

  The primary obstacle for any good or service that utilizes this web force is gaining traction or attracting decent users initially so that the network effect gets hold. The amount of users needed for meaningful network results is called this critical mass. After critical mass is achieved, this good or service attracts more new users because the system provides program.  The internet, but like TV, radio, and movies, is The network-centric industry sensitive to monopolization. As one organization takes over a system or individual, its sole power over the commodity will permit it to strengthen said power, provided if and when the government decides to intervene (which it always does) . At his expansion of the Bell System, Theodore Vail presented the wired network of phone wires to the United States , ushering in the decades-long dominance at communications companies.  Vail's motto for the One organization, One term, Universal delivery '' took with it the conquering