Factor concept is the thought that factors are the fundamental units at which features are passed from one generation to the next.

Factors themselves represent the fundamental units of heredity.

The factor hypothesis provides the foundation for understanding how factors enable parents to communicate traits to their offspring.

It is also the significant factor in the study of genetics.

Factors are the point targets studied by the study of genetics.

This concept of factors (or factor concept) enables the study of genetics to be able to explain how knowledge that is required to create a new system is passed

Nowadays we recognize that genes are made up of deoxyribonucleic compound (DNA ) , and we are able to say clearly what are called these principles or laws of heredity.

Yet, not as much as 150 years ago scientists knew thing about what went on in this cellular level that forced heredity.

Since So, this study of heredity, or genetics (gotten from the Greek language genes thinking "born '') has been creating frequent and dramatic progress, so that at the

beginning of the twenty-first century, Scientists are just about discovering the whole collection of genetic codes that take to be a single human.

Gene theory shows us how the intense personality may really happen.

Factor concept is the explanation to the genetics of this twenty-first century.

Realizing how genes make and the knowledge that factors will alter, or mutate, can lead to the prevention and cure of hereditary diseases, As well as to the purpose


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