human resource management

What is Human Resource Management?

HRM is the study of activities in or with reference to people working in an company. It is a managerial function that
triesto match an organization‘s requirement to the skills and qualification of its employees.

interpretation of HRM
Human resources management (HRM) is a management celebration concerned with hiring, spiritualize
and handle people in an framework. It focuses on people in organizations group. Human resource
management is engineering management systems to ensure that human talent is used effectively and proficiently
to make up organizational goals and objectives.

HRM isthe personnel department function which is careful with acquirement, development, smart money, integration
and protectorate of the personnel of an organization for the purpose of contributing factors towards the
achievement of the organization‘s purpose. Therefore, personnel management system is the planning,
organizing, directing, and preventive ofthe performance ofthose operative functions.

 According to the Invancevich and Glueck, HRM is anxious with the most effective use of
people to instate organizational and individualistic goals. It is the way maker of managing people at work,so that they
give their optimum to the dispensation.

human resource aspects such as basic principles of a management position, including recruiting, screening, training, rewarding, and
definecomprises of HRM.

Nature of HRM
HRM is a management function that maintenance manager‘s to recruit, select, train and develop
members of the for an organization. HRM is anxious with people‘s dimension in combination.
The following manufacture the core of HRM

HRM aggregate the Application of Management functions of management and Principles. The functions and
principles are applied to procurement, developing, maintaining and providing compensation to
employees in system.


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